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Nutrisnacksbox is a part of Wholesomebasket Marketing Pvt. Ltd. We provide wholesome healthy snacks in India. It is the brainchild of two Marketing postgraduates Mr. Sachin Adawade and Mrs. Karishma Adawade. In fact, Mr. Sachin Adawade has graduated with a pharmacy background.

Sachin has a wide experience of working with well-known food brands. While working there, he realized that it is not worth having over-the-counter nutrients in the form of tablets or pills. Moreover, he and the co-founder Mrs. Karishma realized that there was nothing absolutely healthy in the healthy snacks market. All those companies that claimed to be absolutely healthy used additives, palm oil, or added colors and flavors. Therefore, they decided to build a brand around wholesome snacking that does not contain added flavors, preservatives and is as organic as possible. They felt that this was the best way they could give back to society.

Their efforts bore fruits and both of them got accolades and recognition in the market. The brand Nutrisnacksbox got featured in Progressive Grocer in their special project of Health and Wellness Food.

Similarly, NutriSnacksBox ( WholesomeBasket Mktg Pvt Ltd) founders Mr. Sachin Adawade and Mrs. Karishma Adawade were Awarded as the Most Talented Industry Leaders at Asia Food Congress.

Keeping the healthy food concept in mind Nutrisnacksbox was born. Its sole purpose is to provide convenient wholesome healthy snacks in India that can be stored. As per the needs of our valued customers we increase or decrease our snack range. Below is the current healthy munchies range:

  • • Oats and Cranberry Cookies
  • • Quinoa Chia Mexican Strips
  • • Oats Flaxseed crackers
  • • Soya Bites
  • • Sugar-free Tomato Soup
  • • Sugar-free Lemon Coriander Soup

We believe that Indian fitness enthusiasts are able to have a healthy meal but they end up having unhygienic and unhealthy snacks at various junctures. They end up having fried food at the office, school, or college. Similarly, travel is another time when Indians eat unhealthy snacks. Therefore, we have made snacks that are:

  • • Free from added flavors and preservatives
  • • Made of healthy super grains
  • • Affordable price
  • • Money-saving combo options of soups and other snacks
  • • Money-saving combo options of soups and other snacks

There are many other companies that deal with munchies and healthy products. However, Nutrisnacksbox is the only one that focuses on all the three aspects of snacking which are:


We believe that healthy does not mean tasteless. Therefore we make sure that with the use of Indian spices we make our munchies taste as good as the unhygienic and unhealthy munchies available in the market. We do this because we realize that it is the main reason why people go for such foods in the first place.


Unlike other healthy snack brands, we focus on nutrition in a complete manner. We have a food technology department that first does research to check that the snacks keep no stone unturned in the nutrition area. Similarly, each batch of snacks is tested and tasted before they go into the hand of our customers.

Precise information

We provide in-depth information on the label about the nutritional details on our product label and on the website. This helps us to keep transparency about what we offer. On the other hand, you can also keep a tab on what you are eating.

For Bulk Enquiries & Corporate Stalls of Healthy snacks, Please write to us @ OR call us @ 9082037072