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  • Daily protein dark chocolate cookies pack of 1 (50gm)
  • 4 Cookies = 1 egg protein + 1 apple dietary fibre 
  • These protein bars and cookies are crunchy, savory, filling, and perfect for any occasion.
  • DAILY PROTEIN ensures nourishment in each bite.
  • Feel the rich flavor of dark chocolate packed with goodness of protein and fiber. 

PERFECT BALANCE OF FLAVOUR & TEXTURE: Our sugar-free multi-millet dark chocolate cookies are crafted to perfection using premium quality whole wheat flour, oats flour, jaggery, cocoa powder, oats flakes, chocolate chips, rice bran oil, ragi flour, soya flour, chickpea flour, soya protein isolate, and wheat bran. Blended with vanilla, they surpass regular biscuits, offering an ideal harmony of flavor and texture.




Nutrient Content- (Nutritional facts as per 100g)

Nutritional facts as per 100g 

Energy: 464.7

Protein 12.28g

Total fat 19.05g

Saturated fat 8.95g

Unsaturated fat 10.11g

Trans fat 0.0g

Cholesterol 0

Dietary fibre 8.79g

Total sugar 27.95g

Sugar sucrose 26.55g

Sodium 423.9mg

Carbohydrates 61.01g




1. Are your dark chocolate cookies safe for kids?

Yes, our dark chocolate cookies are appropriate for kids. However, if your child has certain dietary requirements or allergies, we recommend double-checking the ingredient list.

2. Do your dark chocolate cookies contain gluten?

Our dark chocolate cookies are made from wheat flour and other ingredients; hence they contain gluten. Please refer to our dedicated section on gluten-free snacks for gluten-free options.

3. Can vegans eat your dark chocolate cookies?

Yes, our dark chocolate cookies can be a great choice for vegans as do not contain any animal products.

4. Can I store the dark chocolate cookies in the freezer?

The dark chocolate biscuits can be frozen. To avoid freezer burn, store them in an airtight container or a freezer bag. Simply defrost the cookies at room temperature for a few hours before serving.


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