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  • Shelf life: 180 day's; ingredient type: vegetarian, benefits 1. Quinoa is high in fiber, much higher than most of grain
  • Carbohydrate(g):61.0, added sugar(g):6.6, protein(g):10.0, fat(g):12.4, saturates fat (g): 7.0, trans fat (g): 0.0, cholesterol (mg):0.0, fiber (g): 9.3,energy (kcal): 396, serving size (g): 35, calories per serving (kcal): 138.60, calories from fat per serving (kcal):39.12
  • No msg, nutrilicious, all natural, no preservatives , ready to eat
  • Storage instruction: store in cool, dry and hygienic place, protect from sunlight, They are free from additives like colors, flavours and preservatives. Roasted dry fruits and nuts with international flavors and premium package
  • Specialty for these products is that they are all extremely healthy in a sense that they are: roasted and not fried, baked and puffed free from preservatives, colors and flavors made of nutritional ingredients premium packaging, portion controlled to avoid calorie overload and better priced. Products are handpicked which have right balance of health and nutrition



1. How can I check the nutritional content of Quinoa Chia Mexican Strips?

You can easily find the nutritional content of NutriSnacksBox Quinoa Chia Mexican Strips on the package itself. Detailed information of the product is available. If you have dietary concerns, it is better to read the information before consuming. 

2. How do I eat Quinoa Chia Mexican Strips?

Quinoa Chia Mexican Strips are a crispy snack that may be eaten right out of the package. They may also be used as a tasty crunch in salads, soups, and as a topping for your favorite recipes.

3. How long do Quinoa Chia Mexican Strips last?

To ensure optimal freshness, these Quinoa Chia Mexican Strips are meticulously wrapped. The product's shelf life is stated on the package. Before ingesting, please verify the expiration date.

4. What makes Quinoa Chia Mexican Strips a nutritious option?

Quinoa Chia Mexican Strips are high in nutrients such as protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Quinoa and chia seeds are both recognized for their health advantages, making these strips a nutritious and filling snack option for health-conscious people.


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