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  • MADE UP OF: The Dark Chocolate cookies are vegan and contains super grain flours like Ragi Flour, Chickpea Flour and Oats Flour. If you go gymming to lose weight or to gain muscle, these healthy cookies can help you reach your goal faster.
  • PACK CONTAINS: Dark chocolate cookies of Net weight 150g



Indulge in the goodness of these vegan delights, crafted with high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients. Each bite offers a rich, indulgent experience without compromising your values. Perfect for satisfying sweet cravings guilt-free. Treat yourself or share the joy with friends—deliciousness meant to be savored!


Nutrition Facts 
(Per 100g)

Energy (Kcal): 437.80
Protein (g): 15.58
Total FAT(g): 18.30
Saturated FAT(g): 5.13
Trans FAT (g): 0.00
Cholesterol (mg): 0.00
Dietary Fibre(g): 10.04
Total Sugar (g): 18.09




1. What distinguishes these Dark Chocolate Cookies?

These Dark Chocolate Cookies are unique in that they are both decadent and vegan. They are made with super grain flours such as ragi flour, chickpea flour, and oat flour, making them a wholesome and nutritious snack.

2. What is the Dark Chocolate Cookie pack size?

The pack contains 150g of delectable Dark Chocolate Cookies, ideal for satisfying your sweet tooth guilt-free.

3. Can people who go to the gym for weight loss or muscle growth consume these cookies?

Absolutely! If you're aiming to lose weight or increase muscle, these nutritious cookies filled with super grain flour might be a terrific addition to your diet. 

4. Are these cookies OK for diabetics?

While these cookies are made with natural ingredients, people with diabetes should contact their doctor or a dietitian before eating them because they include sugars from sources such as dark chocolate.

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