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  • Soup Combo Packets contains Italian Mushroom Soup 100g, Broccoli Almond Soup 100g, Green Immunity Soup 100g and Hot Tomato Soup 100g. The each soup packet contains 5 sachets, 20 grams each


  • Each sachet has 2 servings approx. 100ml each
  • Our Soup range made of freshest ingredients with no artificial color, preservatives or flavors
  • A wholesome soup with plenty of nutrients to its name
  • It is a purely instant protein soup which boosted with 25% Plant Protein and 12% Fibers yet low in calories
  • It’s an instant ready to eat soup. Just pour into 300 ml of boiling water, stir continuously to avoid lumps & enjoy delicious bowls healthy soup. It is easy to prepare within a short time
  • NutriSnacksBox Protein Soup Combo packets gives about 40 servings and is instantly ready to serve within 4-5 minutes. Add this to your regular meals for a healthy diet and delicious taste. 




1. Can I mix and match the tastes in the Soup Variety Pack?

We now offer a pre-selected taste combination in the Variety Pack. In the future, customization possibilities may be available.

2. Is it possible to buy individual tastes separately?

Yes, you may get specific soup tastes from our website.

3. How are the soups in the Variety Pack packaged?

Each soup flavor is packaged in five sachets, each having 20 grams of soup powder.

4. Which nutritional requirements are satisfied by these soups?

These soups are appropriate for vegetarian or vegan diets.

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