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  • A wholesome soup with plenty of nutrients to its name.
  • It’s an instant ready to eat soup. Just pour into 300 ml of boiling water, stir continuously to avoid lumps & enjoy delicious bowls healthy soup. It is easy to prepare within a short time.

 Nutrition Facts
(Per 100g)

Calories (Kcal): 329.6
Total Fat(g): 2g
Saturated Fat(g): 0.1g 
Cholesterol (mg): 0mg 
Sodium (mg): 178mg 
Potassium (mg): 51mg 
Carbohydrate (g): 53.40g 
Dietary Fibre (g): 10.9g 
Total Sugar(g): 3.3g 
Protein(g): 24.5g
Moisture: 5.9g 
Vitamin A: 1IU 
Vitamin B: 20mg
Vitamin C:  247mg
Calcium: 85mg 
Iron: 20mg




1. Can I change the flavor of Green Immuno Soup?

While the soup is already great, you may personalize it by adding your favorite herbs, spices, or veggies to increase the flavor to your liking.

2. Can I have Green Immuno Soup instead of a meal?

While Green Immuno Soup is nutrient-dense, it is best consumed as part of a well-balanced diet. It may be eaten as a light dinner or as a healthy snack.

3. How long will the Green Immuno Soup last?

A shelf-life label is included with the Green Immuno Soup package. The actual expiration date may be found on the box. To keep it fresh, keep it in a cold, dry location.

4. Is Green Immuno Soup suitable for those with dietary restrictions?

Green Immuno Soup is suitable for those with a range of dietary restrictions, including vegetarians, vegans, and gluten intolerant people. However, if you have any allergies, you must study the ingredient list before ingesting.



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