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PACK CONTAINS: Daily protein dark chocolate cookies & oats cranberry cookies pack of 2 (50g x 2Pcs)

COOKIES FOR ALL: These 100% vegetarian 50g cookies provide Plant protein equivalent to one egg and dietary fiber equivalent to one apple. Cookies are minimally processed to keep its wholesomeness in terms of nutrients.

ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Eat them for breakfast, as a snack, before or after working out, on a hike, while participating in sports, at work, when travelling, and whenever you're on the go. These protein bars and cookies are crunchy, savory, filling, and perfect for any occasion.

NUTRITION AT ITS’S BEST: DAILY PROTEIN ensures nourishment in each bite because we are dedicated to your health and taste senses. Our 50g protein cookies have the same amount of plant protein as an egg and apple-sized amounts of dietary fibre. There is nothing better than this.





1. When can I eat these cookies?

You can devour these cookies whenever and wherever you choose. They are ideal for breakfast, snacking, before or post-workout, hiking, sports activities, work, vacation, or whenever you are on the go.

2. What is the calorie count of these cookies?

These 50g cookies contain the equivalent of one egg in plant protein and one apple in dietary fiber. To maintain their nutritional wholesomeness, they are barely processed.

3. What is included in the Daily Protein Combo pack?

The Daily Protein Combo has two packets of 50g each: Daily Protein Dark Chocolate Cookies and Oats Cranberry Cookies. Each package contains two cookies.

4. What are the health benefits of these cookies?

Daily Protein Cookies provide nutrition in every mouthful. They have the same amount of plant protein as an egg and the same amount of dietary fiber as an apple. They are intended to benefit your health and taste buds.


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