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MADE UP OF: Our cookies contain mixed grain flours like oat flour, whole wheat flour, rice flour, and sesame seed which offer your body a powerful dose of tasty wholesome nutrition instead of the typical date-stuffed cookies.

At NutriSnacksBox, we bring you a range of wholesome snacks that are packed with all the essential nutrients, proteins and vitamins that your body needs for optimal performance. Our healthy snacks are specifically designed for Indian tastes, with a selection of delicious snacks delivered straight to your door. From snacks for breakfast, to healthy snacks for weight loss and for some evening treats, we have something to satisfy any craving.




Nutrition Facts 
(Per 100g)

Energy (Kcal): 470.15 
Protein (g): 15.56
Total FAT(g): 18.40
Saturated FAT(g): 4.07
Trans FAT (g): 0.00
Cholesterol (mg): 0.00
Dietary Fibre(g): 10.03
Total Sugar (g): 13.50 
Carbohydrates (g): 49.68




1. What distinguishes these cookies from other date-stuffed cookies?

Unlike traditional date-filled cookies, our Date and Nut Cookies are made with a combination of grain flours, including oat flour, whole wheat flour, rice flour, and sesame seeds. These components deliver necessary minerals, proteins, and vitamins to your body, resulting in a nutritious snacking experience.

2. How are these cookies good for my health?

Our Date and Nut Cookies are high in minerals, proteins, and vitamins that your body requires for peak performance. Because of the mixture of mixed grain flours and sesame seeds, these cookies are a healthy snack option. They are intended to deliver prolonged energy while also satisfying your sweet desires in a wholesome manner.

3. Are there any other tastes available except Date and Nut?

Our Date and Nut Cookies are currently only available in the chosen flavor. However, we are always striving to create new and unique flavors in order to cater to a wide range of preferences. Keep an eye on our website for new product launches and flavor changes.

4. Is there a minimum purchase amount for these cookies?

There is no minimum order quantity for our Date and Nut Cookies. You may get as few or as many as you like, based on your taste and snacking requirements.


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